Meefs Quiz!


Instructions: Send a DM to maffs#1206 on discord before the deadline to be part of the 10,000BAN ban-split!

maffs will react to your message with an eye when he has seen the message to indicate that he's seen it.

Banano split is open to Citizens only. But non-citizens can still attempt the question, and participation in meefs quiz may help the citizenship application of aspiring citizens.

In all questions, unless otherwise specified, answers should be exact and simplified.

To get notified of new meef quizzes, use the command +register meefquiz in the bots channel on the Banano Discord.

IMPORTANT RULE: You should include a short "proof of work" to show that you arrived at the answer on your own. This could be in the form of a brief explanation of your method, or through images of your working.

Please DO NOT discuss or share solutions to meef quiz with anyone else until the prizes are given out and the solution is revealed.

Current Question: Oct 23

Oct 23 2020 Puzzle